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Camera Location Services
Camera Inspection

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When it comes to sewer line inspections, KBI has you covered. We use top of the line fiber optic cameras to provide the most effective inspections possible. With this technology we are able to accurately and effectively locate exactly where the sewer or other pipelines are running, as well as find cracks and breaks along the pipes. Our fiber optic inspections allow us to see every inch of your plumbing system to fix your current problem and prevent future plumbing issues at the same time.

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Camera Location Services

Camera Location Services

It is impossible to diagnose pipe issues properly without the use of cameras. In order to properly diagnose the problem and provide solutions, KBI Plumbing has invested in the best technology out there to give our clients peace of mind. This technology can uncover hidden sewer line problems in addition to lines that have been crushed, clogged or otherwise compromised. Oder is often a first sign of a sewer line problem. If you have noticed an unfamiliar odor coming from your sewer lines give us a call before an issue becomes a larger problem.

Camera Inspection

Make sure you have a thourough Camera/Video Inspection of your sewer or drain before your start the repair project.

Storm Sewer Inspection

With a Camera inspection we can locate the clog or obstruction that has your sewer line backed up. Locate and identify an future problems that may arise.

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