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Are your pipes clogged? We can help. “Snaking” (or rodding) a drain line can fix both basic and complex clogs. For basic clogs the team at KBI Plumbing rely on drain augers, also called a drain snake to clear up the blockage. For more complex clogging trust our professional staff to rod your drain utilizing our fiber optic cameras—free of charge—to inspect our work and ensure quality and efficient work while we de-clog your drains.

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Drain | Sewer Rodding

Power Rod Drain Cleaning

While drains can happen at any time, our team at KBI Plumbing always warranty our rodding drain lines. All rodding work done by our team comes with a one-year warranty.

Multiple Drain | Sewer Rodding Options to Clear your Drain

Drain | Sewer Rodding a drain is typically your best option to clear an easy to get to obstruction. Tree roots, and more complex clogs we may need to Hydro Jet.

Free Camera Inspection With Drain | Sewer Rodding

Make sure to take advantage of our free camera inspection with any Drain | Sewer Rodding or Hydro Jetting.

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