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Seepage Tile
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Protecting the pipework around the perimeter of your property’s foundation starts with annual pipe inspection. KBI Plumbing inspects seepage tile – the pipework around the perimeter of your property’s foundation leading to your sump pump, to relieve hydrostatic pressure. Annual inspection and cleaning is a preventative rule of thumb for all plumbing companies to ensure drain tile pipes are functioning as they should.

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Seepage Tile

Seepage Tile

Leaky Basement Foundation

When rainwater saturates the ground and beings to seep into your basement drain tile systems (seepage tiles) start working. Have you noticed water in your basement after a lot of rain? Your seepage tile could be damaged. Call us today to schedule your annual inspection and cleaning to ensure your basement stays dry all year long.

Camera Inspection

Do you have a clogged drain or sewer pipe? Take advantage of our free camera inspection. We back up our work with a guarantee.

Sump Pump | Ejector Pumps

Seepage tile may be feeling extra pressure because your sump pump has failed. Be sure to check your sump/ejector pump.

Storm Sewer and Drain

Your home sewer drain may have a leak in it causing undo pressue on your sump pump and seepage tiles. Call KBI today to have your basement checked.

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