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At KBI Plumbing Sewer & Drain , we use the most up to date sewer camera technology to clean, repair, and locate your sewer & drain problems. We will show you where the clog or obstruction is and give you options on how you would like us to proceed. We also fix storm drain, floor drain, and outside floor drain problems for you. Give us a call today and we will make sure you get fast reliable service at reasonable rates.

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Sewer Line

Power Rodding

$ $129
One time payment


Sewer Line

Power Rodding

$ $89
One time payment


Hydro Jetting

Starting at

$ $385
One time payment

Sewer Line Cleaning Or New Sewer Installation

  • Main Sewer Lines Cleaned - See Hydro Jetting
  • New lines - Repair and Replace Old & New Sewer Lines
  • City sewer connections- Hook Up New City Sewer
  • Tree root removal- See Power Rodding & Hydro Jetting
Seepage Tile Installation

Hydro-Jetting Sewer & Drain Lines

KBI Plumbing & Sewer offers free estimates on all Sewer & Drain Cleaning. Let us explain the difference between the two different types of Sewer & Drain Cleaning

            Hydro-jetting utilizes back-jets of water, coming from the nozzle head attached to the lead edge of the cable, with strong water pressure to propel the cable down the pipe. The leading jets of this nozzle blast blockages out of the way. The water pressure is about 3,500 PSI - 4,000 PSI. Powerful enough to push tree roots and clogs out of the way.

Hydro-jetting doesn’t have a sharp metal cutting head and uses water pressure, the possibility of damaging sewer lines is less likely. Hydro-jetting is the most effective means to clear underground pipes that are from 1 1/2 to 24 inches in diameter.
Rodding, snaking, or rooting all the same technique use a metal cable that is forced down the drain pipe. Rodding utilizes a sharp metal blade that will cut through roots and clogs.

We have earned our reputation as the plumbing company to call for hydro-jetting sewer & drain lines from the Suburbs and throughout Chicagoland.
We bring over 40 decades of sewer & drain line cleaning experience, business best hydro-jetting gear, and the know-how to get the work done quickly and easily.

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Power Rodding Services

Slow drain?
Clogged pipes?
Are your pipes constantly draining slow?

More than likely you have debris buildup and the clogging process has started. You may need our power rodding services. Power rodding works by sticking a flexible metal cable with a sharp cutting tool at the end of. it The cutting tool is smaller than the diameter of the pipe that needs to be cleared. Our professional technicians push the cable turning it thru the pipe, until it is stopped by the debris or blockage. The metal cutting edge of the power rodder is now ready to do the work. By activating the motor it will rotate the cable while it spins at a high speed allowing the sharp teeth to cut through any roots or debris.
KBI Plumbing & Sewer offers free estimates and our rodding starts at $89.00 Give us a call today.

Camera Locating Services

KBI Plumbing Sewer & Drain has over 20 yrs experience with utilizing Camera locating technology. We will find and identify your sewer and drain problems. Using this technology it empowers us to inspect and accurately assess the condition of your sewer line and the ability to show you exactly where the blockage is and how bad.
Video cameras are becoming the most valuable tool in the plumbing industry. Notably made watertight cameras allow for a visual inspection of sewer lines, drains and other pipes that are underground, in cement or beneath your home’s foundation. Give us a call if you are looking to have a licensed certified plumber take a look at your drains.