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Sump and ejector pump services
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KBI Plumbing offers repairs, inspections and replacement services to keep your sump pump working properly to prevent any sort of malfunction in case of a storm.

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Sump and ejector pump services

Sump and ejector pump services

Replace or Repair Sump Pump

A properly working sump pump may be a significant investment for maintaining and keeping your residential or commercial property dry. Our trained and experienced technicians can evaluate your needs and recommend and set up the best pump for you. Sump pumps are an extremely important investment for keeping a dry water free property. Our plumbers at KBI we will evaluate your residential or commercial location and the area water table, recommending the best quality sump pump for you and the location it needs to placed.

Call our professional plumbing team today we will, repair or replace your broken sump pump, or ejector pump. Our technicians are trained and will set up the proper back-up sump pump or pump system.

KBI offers the following Sump Pump Services for Residential & Commercial Business in ILLINOIS:

  • Sump pump inspection
  • Sump pump testing
  • Sump pump replacement and repair
  • New sump pump setup
  • Drainage line inspection and Repair
  • Sewer connections as per city code
  • Backup pumps

KBI Plumbing has professional technicians with sump pump repair knowledge which can guarantee your sump pump has been fixed correctly in a timely manner. Call KBI today

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